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Calcium carbonate
The Calcium carbonate is popular as a dietary supplement, needed for healthy nervous system, bones, strong muscles, and heart. This is used as an antacid, useful in the conditions of acid indigestion as well as upset stomach.
Chemical Stabilizer
The stabilizers are the chemical, suited to prevent degradation. Their use ensure safe processing as well as absolute protection of different products. These are resistant to aging and weathering.
ADCL Blowing Agent
ADCL Blowing Agents are accessible in 99% pure form. Melting point of these substances ranges between 220 degree C to 225 degree C. Long shelf life, standard decomposition temperature and long storage life are their key aspects.
High Density Oxidised Polyethylene Homo Polymer
High Density Oxidised Polyethylene Homo Polymers are used to produce inks, lubricants and coatings after their emulsification. These are 0.93 dense and their hardness is 5.5. Customers can avail these polymers in 25 kg bag.
Optical Brightener (OB) Imported
Optical brighteners can absorb the UV rays. Under a black ultraviolet light, its presence can be detected. It allows for brighter appearance all around. These are added to surfactants and other chemicals.
Carbon Black
Carbon black is widely used in various applications for electronics. Being a good conductor of electricity, this is utilized as a filler in plastics, elastomer, adhesives, films and paints. This is an antistatic additive agent as well.
Ultramarine Blue
Ultramarine Blue pigments are used in ceramic and paint production industries. These pigments do not dilute in water and alkali. Known for their environment friendly content, these pigments have long shelf life.
Chlorinated Polyethylene
Chlorinated Polyethylene chemicals are appreciated for their minimal shrinkage rate and impact proof design. Excellent anti flaming attributes and high fusion accelerating properties are some remarkable features of these substances.
Stearic Acid
Stearic Acids are basically used as cold resistant plasticizer, waterproofing agents, surface active factor and polishing material in different industries. These additives have above 230 degree F flash point and maximum 69.6 degree C melting point.
Industrial Solvents
The Industrial Solvents are chemical substances which are helpful in dissolving the substances as well as materials. They are used as the organic liquids and are functional as the carriers for surface coatings such as paints, varnishes and adhesives.
Chrome Pigments
The Chrome pigments have been derived from lead compounds. These are accessible with various properties such as high color strength, non-reactive making and high solubility. These are used in paints, plastics, rubber, coatings, inks, detergents, ceramics, soaps etc.
The Stearates have been widely utilized for several decades in the food industry. These work as the best emulsifiers, thickener and binders. Also, these work as the anticaking & antifoaming agent and the lubricants.
Lead Base Stabilizers
The Lead Base Stabilizers are applicable with recyclable PVC profiles as well as long service life. They are used in conjunction with lead soaps, lubricants, calcium soaps and antioxidants.
Liquid Mix Metal Stabilizer
Liquid Mix Metal Stabilizers are used for construction of vinyl flooring, top coat formulation and also for production of blown film. These stabilization factors are also used to produce leather clothing.
Calcium Carbonates Uncoated
The Calcium Carbonates Uncoated are proffered with a chemical formula. These can be used with the filler and boast of a stimulating ratio performance. These are applicable for Rubber, PVC, Paint, Adhesive etc.
Calcium Carbonates Coated
Calcium Carbonates Coated are highly compatible with polymers. These can be utilized as the fillers in the industries of rubber, sealant, plastic, textile paint etc.
Industrial Plasticizer
The Industrial Plasticizers are widely used additives, demanded in the plastic industry. They are suited for polymer processing and are also used in PVC. They are appreciable for their physical properties.

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